Nails Tips and Tricks


Have thick and stringy polish?
-Don’t throw polish away! Nail polish never goes bad!!!!! You just need to add some polish thinner to it, and it’ll be good as new.

Afraid of Acetone Remover?
-Non-acetone remover is actually for acrylics and gels. Using acetone remover for the short amount of time it takes to remove your polish will NOT harm your nails, and gets the job done in less time.

Keeping your hands hydrated and clean?
-If you are about to paint your nails: put lotion on your hands, then do cuticle work, and wash before painting! Your hands will be hydrated and you will also have a clean space to paint on.

Thin & Watery Polish?
-To thicken any polish, just leave the lid off for 15 minutes or longer depending on desired frequency.

Oh no, smudge your nail?
- Lick it! Seriously, if you smudge a nail, either lightly lick it (even though it tastes gross), and with another finger, LIGHTLY glide over the smudge till it smooths out. Then just re-apply your top coat.


Refrigerating polish?
- This is NOT necessary. It does not keep the polish fresher!

File in only one direction?
-It doesn’t matter what direction you file your nails, whether it be up, down, left to right, back and forth, up and down.

Plunging wet nails into ice water will make them dry faster?
-NO it won’t! Your nail tech doesn’t do this for you in the salon because it wouldn’t work. To get polish to dry requires the evaporation of solvents. This is why your tech puts you in front of a warm fan.

Letting your nails breathe
- This is a funny one. Your nails are ALREADY dead, and in no way need to breathe. Actually keeping them polished is helping them, by keeping in your natural oils.


Spill polish on your carpet?
- Use Windex to clean it right up.

Nail Polish Remover?
-Before you paint your nails use nail polish remover, even if you don’t have any nail polish on. Why? Because nail polish remover not only removes nail polish, but it helps with removing any debris on the surface of the nail that we may not see.

Polish become separated in the bottle?
- If you plan on using it right away, DON’T shake it. This will cause bubbles. Instead, roll between your palms for a minute or two. It’s only okay to shake, if you don’t plan on using that polish for at least 10 minutes.

Using a Neon?
- Start with either a white or silver base before you apply the neon polish. Neons are very sheer and streaky. With a base, you will no longer need to do tons of coats of the same color. Saving you polish & time!